Become a gold partner & earn from file uploads

As an Gold partner, you can earn for every 1,000 downloads you generate

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Become a gold partner & earn

The reason why Uploadfiles has remained so successful, is because we want to share our success with our community. Our users remain the core reason for our popularity and we believe they deserve to be rewarded. That’s why not only can you sell files and earn money by encouraging others to sign up to a premium account, but you can also make cash from your downloads.

Users who currently (or expect to) generate over 1 million monthly downloads are able to apply to become an Uploadfiles Gold Partner. This gives you the opportunity to earn up to $3 for every 1,000 downloads generated from your file uploads.

Refer & Earn

Track your referrals in real time

Becoming an Uploadfiles Gold Partner means you join an exclusive club that gives you free earnings based on the downloads you are generating. While we follow strict guidelines on who is successfully provided this opportunity, any user who uploads files that hit the minimum million download mark can apply. It’s a great way to make quick cash from your content and can turn your account into a real goldmine.

We know you will want to keep a close eye on your earnings as they start to build up, which is why we centralise it all in your account. The same place you manage your file uploads is the same place you can see how much you have earned so far. If your application to become an Uploadfiles Gold Partner is accepted, all you have to do is sit back and let the money stack up. supports PayPal

NET 30 Payment terms

You’ll want to know how often you’ll get paid and that we use a secure system. Our process is simple; gold partner earnings are paid out after 30 days (with a minimum pay out of $100) using the PayPal platform. We always pay on time and ensure you receive the correct amount based on the amount of file downloads generated. allows you to sell your files online

Easy as 1,2,3...

  • Simply share your referral code or upload files
  • Automatically earn money, every month
  • Earn more storage space for each referral too
  • Track your referrals in real time via your dashboard
  • Receive your referral earnings via PayPal

Join Uploadfiles today

Users of our file hosting service never have to make an account to upload files and share links. However, if you make a free account you get to enjoy a whole host of fantastic benefits. Read on to see what sort of extras are available by joining our every growing community.

Gold Partners

Upload files that are popular and earn money. You can apply to become a Gold Partner to earn as much as $3 per 1,000 downloads if you get – or expect to receive – at least a million every month.

Extra file storage

When you sign up to an Uploadfiles account you get access to a massive 1TB of storage. Meanwhile, businesses users will be able to access as much as 3TB


Using our files share system allows you to earn by referral. That means for every successful conversion you earn as much as 20% of their account value for as long as they remain a paid member

Multiple Uploads

When you sign up to an Uploadfiles account you have the option to upload as many as 30 different files all at the same time, making it easy to manage your content

Enhanced security

Storing your files online means you need to be secure. That’s why when you create a free account you can also protect each individual file with its own password security

Unlimited speed

Becoming an account holder also means there are no restrictions on your file upload speed, so you are never delayed by cap limits and frustrating restrictions

Upload files anywhere

Even if you do not sign up to a free account, you can choose to upload files on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are in the world and at any time

Total security

We use the latest technology to fully encrypt your files from the moment they leave your computer until they arrive safely on our servers. Data protection means everything to us at Uploadfiles

Sell your files

Another great way to earn money is to use our service as a shop for customers who can visit via shareable links that will allow them to download your content

One time download links

Private or sensitive files can be set to auto destruct after one download for extra security and ephemeral file hosting.

Direct Downloads

Enable direct downloads and allow your files to be downloaded up to 1,000 times per day without recipients visiting Uploadfiles.

Request to become a Gold Partner

If earning free money from your downloads sounds like a good deal, then we’d love to hear from you. Remember, even if you aren’t experiencing a million downloads each monthly but expect to soon, then enter your email address below and our of our team will be in touch to discuss your application in more detail.

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